Our trademarks

Development of either own brands, or brands of our customers is one more direction of our business activities. Own trademark is a great alternative to the eminent world brands. Great advantage of private labels is the possibility to combine competitive prices and high quality products.

TM "Mikulov"

Our own brand Mikulov has got its name from the legend of an Old Russian farmer called Mikula. He used to drink bread kvass quenching his thirst after a hard work in the field and soon Mikula became a hero-knight ‘bogatyr’ of Old Russia. Thus the idea of creating Mikulov Kvass was born.

Today we can offer two kinds of Mikulov Kvass, Traditional Kvass and Okroshka Kvass.

Since September 2016, there is one more product under our own brand name – Mikulov Sunflower Oil, refined and unrefined, packaged in containers of 1, 3 and 5 liters.

In 2017-2018, we released pickled tomatoes and tomato juice Mykulov in a glass container of 1.85 liters.

Mayonnaise is the best-selling product in TM Mykulov product line. There are two types of mayonnaise available - Provansal 67% and Salatnyi 50% fat. The advantage of our mayonnaise over other brands’ products is a 9 months’ shelf life at a temperature of + 24 °C, the proper taste and texture.

The nearest plan is the production of packaged cereals TM Mykulov in a wide range.

In addition to development of own brands we help our partners in manufacturing food products under their private labels. We are representing our overseas buyers in the negotiation and conclusion of contracts with Ukrainian manufacturers of various commodity groups. Among successfully released products under private labels of our customers, there are such goods as marshmallow, wafers, cookies, rusks and round cracknels.

We would appreciate helping you to establish contacts with leading Ukrainian manufacturers with further development of your own trademarks. For cooperation contact us by phone +38 050 233 41 48.